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Tales from Jabal Akhdar: The Muntain That Touches The Stars
My Father's Handicrafts
Rocky and the Cold Hard Truth
Together We Can Make a Change


Ibtihaj Al Harthi grew up in Muscat but lived the best moments of her life in the summers in her small village in Al Sharqiya region in Oman. In school, she partnered with her best friend and created their first comic book that was quite a hit amongst their classmates. She did two degrees in Education only to find out that she loved art more and finished an MFA in Illustration from the Academy of Art University in 2015. She currently works as an artist and an author in Muscat.



Ibtihaj started drawing for children's books as a hobby and then took it further to write her own books. She wrote Mah and Me (a winner of the Itisalat Children's Books Award for best text) and Who Am I? and illustrated plenty of picture books like Tales From Jabal Al Alhdhar, The Boy and the Sea and others. Ibtihaj took this further and established her art studio, Dahareez Arts, to further spread art and culture.

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Ibtihaj Al Harthi: “Joy.”

Ibtihaj is inspired by Oman Villages

A Conversation with Ibtihaj Al Harthi


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Tales from Jabal Akhdar Book Signing
"Who Am I?" Book Signing


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